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Is Australia - your dream?

You dream to visit Australia ?

Want to work and receive higher education at the same time?

Thoroughly learn English with teachers – whose native language is English?

You want to change your life and live in Australia?
  • Australia - the ideal place to get the best education and unmatched quality of life
    Australia offers the optimal value for your money on living expenses and education, compared to the United States, Canada or Great Britain. You can study as well as work for 20 hours per week during the semester and unlimited hours during the holidays. However, it is not recommended to rely on part-time jobs as your only source of income.
    Visa requirements
    To obtain a student visa, you must prove to the Australian government that you have sufficient financial support to pay tuition fees and accommodation during the entire length of the course.
    Requirements for your visa application include:
    1. Your application for a visa (which our consultant will help you to fill it out)
    2. Visa application fee
    3. Four passport photos
    4. A valid passport
    5. Electronic confirmation of enrollment
    6. Academic IELTS results
    7. Documents confirming academic records and work experience
    8. Statutory declaration of aim of learning and staying in Australia
    9. Evidence financial capacity - for tuition fees and accommodation
    10. The results of medical examination
  • Australia - the country of the best medical care
    Medical care in Australia is one of the best among developed countries. Australia has very low crime rate. The streets are clean, well maintained, and properly lit at night. The lowest possibility of attacks on the country's streets. Australia has a ban on carrying weapons and strict laws against drug trafficking.
    Medical Insurance
    Medical insurance of international student is - a condition of student visa. You must have insurance "Overseas Student Health Cover" (OSHC) for the duration of your stay in Australia.
    OSHC covers some medical services. Your OSHC must be purchased before departure to Australia and should insure you from the moment you arrive in Australia. You should receive your card upon arrival from your OSHC company (Medibank Private, Worldcare Assist or BUPA).
    Australian health care system
    All campuses have medical centers with highly qualified doctors. You can also turn to clinics (General Practitioners) which are located in each suburb. If you feel uncomfortable while communicating on health topics in English - our Company has contacts of the doctors who speak your native language. If necessary, you can contact the ambulance, or hospital directly. The uniqueness of Australia allows you to choose male or female. If necessary, you will be given an interpreter.
  • During your studies
    Student visa allows you to work a maximum of 40 hours every two weeks during semester, and unlimited hours during the holidays. In some cases, your student visa would not have automatic permission to work, but can be obtained at the Australian immigration office, once in Australia.
    After completing your studies
    Australian diploma and Australian qualifications recognised across the world. If you received a bachelor's degree, master's or doctorate - You can stay in the country for temporary postgraduate (subclass 485) visa to gain practical experience in your field of study.