Why Australia?

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Why should I study in Australia?
We hear this question very often! Here are some interesting notes - that summarіse why it is a great opportunity to get a quality education in Australia.
Four of the top ten cities most suitable for living in the world are in Australia by global rating of "Economic Data" in 2013.
The cities nominated - Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
This study is based on a number of parameters such as stability, healthcare, culture, environment , education and infrastructure.

Australia - a popular place for international students

Education and training in Australia differ from what is known to most students. Australian teachers pay great attention not only to the training, but also to the practice. In Australia wide range of disciplines: information technology, accounting, banking & finance, law, commerce, design, medicine, marketing, art.
Foreign students allowed to bring to Australia their partner and children. Students and their families can work throughout the period of study. Students - 20 hours per week during semester and unlimited hours during holidays and vacations. Family Members - unlimited hours if they do not study.

The possibility of getting work experience after studies

Majority of the international students have the opportunity to spend more time in Australia after graduation (2 years).
The Australian government recently proposed amendments to the Interim Scientific Visa (sub-class 485) to provide new job opportunities for graduates who have received bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in Australia. New job opportunities for graduates in combination with strong Australian economy and low unemployment rates make Australia an attractive place for students.

High standards of education

Australia has a national controlling body for higher education - Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Australian Government regulates and controls the quality of higher education providers on a number of standards developed by independent groups within higher education sector.
In addition, Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework protects, well-being of all international students, the quality of the educational as well as guaranteeing provision relevant and accurate information.

High-ranking universities

Australia is home to the world's best universities. Nineteen of Australian universities were in the list of "400 best universities in the world" in 2013/2014 - according to the ranking of higher education in the universities of the world. Australian universities offer high level of support for international students, have years of experience teaching English and protecting the rights of students.